A Darkness Visible

G. M. Miller, Ewan Moor, Lara Taffer, Justin A. Burnett

What is postmodernism and what does it tell us about the things we fear? A Darkness Visible explores this and other compelling questions. Drawing together some of today’s leading voices in horror fiction, this anthology contains seventeen stories that take us from the streets of the modern metropolis to the digital wastelands at the edge of the internet.

Films, video games, theatrical performances, and a global pandemic became the substance of nightmares as authors capture the horrors laying at the heart of our hyper-mediated and global twenty-first-century culture.

A Darkness Visible seeks to dispel notions that horror is a “conservative” or formulaic genre. As these experiments in fiction make clear, horror is and remains a literature of disjunction, showing its potential to transport us to unknown realms while reflecting our human doubts, longings, and desires.

Featuring new fiction from: Daniel Braum · Justin A. Burnett · Michael Harris Cohen · Brian Evenson ·Michael Fassbender · Gemma Files · Tyler Jones · Jo Kaplan · Jackson Kuhl · Shelley Lavigne · Christi Nogle · Alistair Rey · John Joseph Ryan · Rhys Shanahan · Jonathan Sims · Richard Tamorva · Alexander Thomas